North American Fatigue Management Program

A Comprehensive Approach for Managing Commercial Driver Fatigue


Online Course Introduction

This page will function as a user manual for the NAFMP online Learning Management System (LMS). As a user you are encouraged to "play around" with the system to learn and use the functions and navigation methods.


Logging In

You can access the LMS system by clicking on Login under the Online Courses menu on the website. This will take you to the LMS login page as shown below:

LMS login screen

Existing users can just log in, and if you are a new user, you have to first register and create a new account. The new account screen is shown below:

LMS new account setup screen





Once logged in, click on the module you want to explore. This takes you to the module overview screen as show below:

LMS module overview screen

Clicking on Module 1 in the overview screen above will trigger the system to ask if you want to enroll in this Module.

LMS selfenrollment window question

Clicking Enroll me will allow you to take commence with the lesson and take you to the topic overview screen. This screen shows all the topics and sections within the Module. To start the training, click on the first section in the first topic, which is Introduction and Overview:


LMS topic outline view


A standard lesson page within a Module is shown below:


Standard page layout in modules

At the top of the lesson page is an available voice narration of the lesson page. The control at the top allows you to play or pause the narration, it displays a progress bar, and it also allows you to adjust the sound volume.


At the bottom of each page is a simplified navigation bar with options to go to the previous page in the Module, or the next page. When taking the lessons, it is strongly recommended that you utilize the simplified navigation bar rather than the page navigation displayed on the right hand side of the window.




Quizzes and Exams

Lesson quizzes are placed throughout the Modules and when it is time to take a lesson quiz, a link will show up above the simplified navigation bar, as show below:

LMS quiz link on page

Clicking on the yellow bar will prompt you to confirm that you want to take the quiz:

LMS quiz initiation confirmation

The quiz will then appear as shown below:

LMS quiz layout

Select your answers and scroll down to complete the quiz. At the bottom of the quiz, click on Next to submit the quiz. The next screen will display a summary of the questions your answered, as shown below:

LMS quiz review screen

Click on the Submit all and finish button to submit your answers. A confirmation window will appear reminding you that you will not be able to change your answers for this attempt after the quiz has been submitted, as shown below:

LMS quiz submission confirmation window

Once the quiz has been submitted, you will now be presented with a review page that shows which answers are correct and which are wrong, as show below:

LMS quiz results review page


When you are done reviewing the quiz results, click Finish Review at the bottom of the screen, as shown below:

LMS finish review button You will now be presented with a quiz summary as show below:

LMS quiz summary page

You can now retake the quiz if you would like to improve your score.  If you are done with the quiz, close the quiz window and the LMS window will reappear allowing you to complete the Module by pressing Next page. This will take you back to the LMS Home page.





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