North American Fatigue Management Program

A Comprehensive Approach for Managing Commercial Driver Fatigue


Driver Spouses and Families

Here you will find information to help you get started.

If you need more background or overview information about NAFMP, please visit the About NAFMP section.


Step 1

Read About NAFMP and why our work is so important.


Step 2

Take the fatigue management course(s) listed below


Modules for Driver Spouses and Families:

Module Title Estimated Duration
4 Driver Family Education

45 minutes


Step 3

Encourage your family member who drives a commercial vehicle to take part in the NAFMP training using online training Modules 3 and 8.



Complete Module Overview (Reference Only)

Module Title Target Audience Estimated Duration
1 FMP Introduction and Overview Motor Carrier Executives and Managers 45 minutes
2 Safety Culture and Management Practices Motor Carrier Executives and Managers 1.5 hours
3 Driver Education Commercial Drivers 3 hours
4 Driver Family Education Driver Spouses and Family 45 minutes
5 Train-the-Trainer for Driver Education and Family Forum Carrier Safety Managers and other Trainers 3.5 hours
6 Shippers and Receivers Freight Shippers and Receivers 30 minutes
7 Motor Carrier Sleep Disorders Management Carrier Executives and Managers 1.5 hours
8 Driver Sleep Disorders Management Commercial Drivers 1.25 hours
9 Driver Scheduling and Tools Dispatchers and Driver Managers 1 hour
10 Fatigue Monitoring and Management Technologies Motor Carrier Executives and Managers 1 hour


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