North American Fatigue Management Program

A Comprehensive Approach for Managing Commercial Driver Fatigue


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The NAFMP is designed to address the issue of driver fatigue with a comprehensive approach that includes:

  • Information on how to develop a corporate culture that facilitates reduced driver fatigue
  • Fatigue management education for drivers, drivers’ families, carrier executives and managers, shippers/receivers, and dispatchers
  • Information on sleep disorders screening and treatment
  • Driver and trip scheduling information
  • Information on Fatigue Management Technologies

For the past several years, Canadian and American regulators, carriers, and researchers have worked on the development of a comprehensive approach for managing fatigue. This work has been led by a consortium of government and industry agencies with an interest in developing a more effective means of dealing with professional driver fatigue.


The NAFMP Steering Committee is comprised of Transport Canada, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Alberta Transportation, Alberta Workers Compensation Board, Alberta Employment and Immigration, Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec, Commission de la santé et de la sécurité du travail du Québec, Alberta Motor Transport Association and the American Transportation Research Institute.


NAFMP Steering Committee members have committed significant time and resources to the development of a comprehensive FMP that would enhance a carrier’s ability to effectively deal with the challenges of fatigue in a highly competitive, widely dispersed, and rapidly changing industry.

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